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al pacino, aladdin, alice in wonderland, ancient egypt, ancient history, anime, apples, arabic, arabs, arbor ridge, archery, architecture, art, authority figures, bald men, beauty and the beast, belly dancing, big brother, bones, bookworms, braids, callisto, chikas, chilltown, christianity, college, computers, cosplay, costumes, costuming, disney, disney movies, disney princesses, doctor who, doctor will, dolly, dolores haze, draco malfoy, draco/hermione, drawing, egypt, extra credit, fanart, fire, food, friends, frou frou, fruits basket, garden state, gary jules, gaspard ulliel, gold, green, gypsies, hannibal lecter, harry potter, harry/draco, hermione granger, heroes, house, house md, hum/lo, humbert humbert, icons, imogen heap, inuyasha, japan, jeremy irons, johnny depp, kaleido star, karin, kaysar ridha, kingdom hearts, kirk, kirk/spock, kirk/spock/bones, languages, lemons, lion king, lo, lola, lolita, may/december, mentor love, middle east, mike boogie, miranda, money, nabokov, noses, older men, one tree hill, pansy parkinson, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, pride and prejudice, pride prejudice, professor/student, psychology, reading, red, restricted section, river song, ron weasley, rory pond, royalty, sailor moon, sailor senshi, scar, scrubs, secretary, secrets, severus snape, shitennou, silver, sims, sims 2, sleeping, slytherin, snakes, snape/harry, spock, spock/mccoy, star trek, star trek xi, star wars, teacher/student, teachers, teacherxstudent, teen titans, the doctor, the hunger games, the lion king, the malfoys, the oc, the puppet master, the weasleys, tsukino usagi, twilight, uhura, veritas, xena
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